Derek Lavigne CB Podcast/Site Admin

Derek can easily be considering a geek-of-all-trades, well except maybe for comic books. Games, anime, sci-fi, high fantasy, as long as he can remember, Derek has always focused his attention towards these interests. Whether it be hosting the Pixel Revolt Podcast on or secluding himself to burn through a whole anime series, his only regret is that he never seems to have enough time to fully enjoy all geek hobbies at once. He hopes that this site may help with that issue.

Jade Kraus CB Podcast/Staff Writer

Jade’s love of anime and manga began in elementary school with a VHS tape of My Neighbor Totoro. After watching it everyday for years on end (and her poor mother having to buy 2 replacements), she also fell in love with Robotech, Sailor Moon, DragonBall, and Nausicaa. Her favourites include Tokyo Babylon, Azumanga Daioh, K-On!!, Outlaw Star, Samurai Champloo, Haruhi…and the list continues to grow! Anime aside- Jade’s also a former co-host of the at1UP podcast, and enjoys learning languages, playing video games, collecting figures, and spending time with her cat Chubbs. Her favourite food is waffles, she’s terrified of potato bugs, and only drinks soda with ice.

Ken Chan CB Podcast/Staff Writer

Ken is a photographer who loves anime, manga, gaming, and figure collecting.He was first exposed to manga and anime when his mother read doraemon manga to him. As any Asian boy is required to, he grew up watching Dragonball Z and building Gundam models. In high school his fandom was kicked into full speed when an anime club held a screening of Macross. Gaming wise, he started with a Mickey and Donald Firefighter Game & Watch. This would lead to him owning most consoles including 3 PSXs and 3 PS2s.These days Ken is most often found photographing his figures, playing a jRPG, or stalking web stores for anime figure sales

Ed Tremblay Contributor

Ed is one part freelance musician, one part game store cash monkey and three parts self-professed geek. With a thousand-plus library of games spanning every generation, not to mention an almost endless stream of knowledge and historical facts to go with it, he has come to be known to some as a “video game historian”. He enjoys a good puzzle game, RPGs with engaging stories and battle mechanics and craves the next best bullet hell shooter. He also has a penchant for 80′s and 90′s anime.

Xiao wei Li Graphic Artist/Writer

Xiao wei is an industrial designer/artist from the flat planes of the Netherlands. Besides the clear wind-mill filled skies and gouda cheese, this Asian has been weened on 8-bit games and Cantonese anime. Thus, the geek gene has become deeply rooted with a love for anime, manga, games, comics, sci-fi, asian dramas and pretty much anything else that’s considered remotely geeky. Recently, Xiao wei’s day are pretty much filled with geeky ramblings, weird fan-art and entrepreneurship.

Isaiah Taylor Staff Writer

Isaiah is a freelance photographer from Ohio. He’s been dancing [bboy/breakdance] for ten years. He’s a fighting games enthusiast and plays competitively on occasion. Isaiah recently started transcribing hiphop lyrics of albums from the late 90s — for Japanese speaking hiphop fans. He writes about games more than he plays them. I like the geek culture, because it seems to be a combination of just about any and every culture.

Evan Killham This Podcast…/Writer

Evan is a high-powered Super Nerd who is constantly having to explain his references and jokes to those around him. It tends to make them less funny. When he’s not planning, preparing for, recording, editing, or half-assedly promoting This Podcast Contains Spoilers, he likes to take naps and draw terribly. Sometimes he even writes about video games, movies, and awkward things that happen to him, and he likes to think he’s better at that than he is at drawing. It’s almost guaranteed, actually.

Kyle McLain Staff Writer

When he is not busy bankrupting himself buying the latest in Tokyo fashion, Kyle spends his time hunting for rare gaming gems in Akihabara…where he has been called “The Prince of Akiba”. Born and raised in Indiana, upon receiving an NES at the age of 5, Kyle subsequently had his life changed by Japanese pop culture. Kyle has now spent the better part of decade living/studying/working in Tokyo (and yes, he can speak Japanese). Outside of video games, Studio Ghilbi films, and Evangelion, Kyle’s other great passion in life is fashion. Kyle is also a co-host on The Out-Cast Podcast, a podcast focused on the Japanese gaming scene.