CouchBound Podcast: Episode 1

Posted by Derek Lavigne on Jan 19,2011

Finally! The first episode of CouchBound is up for download! Jade, Derek, and Ken start off the podcast NOT talking about the main focus of the show (anime) and instead go on about Dragon Quest 9. Ken has reached level 99 thanks to the legendary Masayuki Map, and Jade is putting off endgame so she can run around tossing everything possible into the alchemy pot.

Derek had a lucky haul from his local retro game store, including Dragon Warrior 1-4 for NES Panzer Dragoon, and the elusive Phantasy Star IV!

Steering the show back on topic, Jade has been enjoying the new anime GoSick!. The setting is a prestigious academy in a fictional European country, where a new transfer student Kazuya meets a strange girl named Victorique who lives above the library. Together with her brother, she solves puzzling crimes. The show has a light, almost Professor Layton-esq feel, and despite only being on the second episode, but the quirky characters and beautiful animation give the show serious promise.

The main segment of CouchBound is where everyone can discuss a show or a movie we watched together. In the future, listeners can help choose what to watch next! This episode, it’s Origin: Spirits of the Past, a movie about a post-apocalyptic future where trees are the highest lifeforms. It sounds silly, but the movie is quite good. For next week, we are starting a series: Mushishi! Both Mushishi and Origin are available on Netflix Instant Streaming, and we plan to watch episodes 1-5 of Mushishi and discuss them on the next episode of CouchBound!

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Hope everyone enjoys Episode 1, and if you have any questions or comments you can contact us via Formspring, or on our Twitter account. See ya next week!

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