Sofa With Storage Compartments

Sofa With Storage Compartments - Owners of small apartments during the furnishing of living quarters have to be satisfied with direct sofas, leaving no attention to the angular structures. At the same time, they prefer to purchase folding models, which, in addition to their direct destination - rest, can be used for other purposes - usually for storing bed linen. For storage of linen, sheets, pillows, and blankets, unnecessary in the daytime, these products have a special compartment, made in the form of a pallet or drawer.

There are products where access to the laundry compartment is only available when the sofa is spread out. However, models with a drawn-out (draw-out tray) in which it is possible to store laundry accessories regardless of the state of the furniture product are more convenient.

Sofa With Storage Compartments

At the same time, several tasks are being implemented:
  •     During the day, free space is released on the territory of the dwelling;
  •     The sofa performs several functions, different at different times of the day;
  •     The place is freed of the linen closet,
  •     Bed linen is in the immediate vicinity of the bed.
Today, all manufacturers of direct sofas (sofa beds) equip almost all of their products with laundry departments, regardless of the transformation system. The most capacious compartments are the samples, transformed by the type of "euro books". Their linen drawer is part of the frame and is located directly under the seat.
Sofa With Storage Drawer

Features of direct sofas

If initially boxes of direct sofas were intended for storing laundry, today their appointment is more widespread. For example, in samples of furniture for children, the underpainting laundry compartment has several compartments, each of which is designed to store a certain category of things. In one can be placed toys, in other bedding, and the third is used for seasonal storage of outerwear. The kitchen couch compartment perfectly accommodates kitchen utensils, household appliances that are rarely used, cereals and other products and things, usually placed in kitchen cabinets, cupboards or cabinets.

However, when choosing a product that allows the "warehousing" and storage of things, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the shape and overall dimensions of the laundry compartment, but also to determine in advance its purpose. From what it is planned to store, its configuration and capacity depend, which to a certain extent affects the design of the most coveted sample and the transformation mechanism.
Direct Sofa With Storage Compartments

Of course, where a special compartment or pallet is provided in the structure of the frame, the choice is somewhat limited. However, the creators of furniture do not stand still but equip their structures with various additional fittings in the form of closers or gas lifts, which greatly increase the usability.

In modern models, the liner boxes are made of either pressed wood fiber board or plywood. Preference should be given to those specimens whose bottom has greater strength and rigidity. As a rule, plywood boxes are more durable, and they are hardened by additional lamellas, cross-members or partitions that separate one compartment from the other.

Some copies of sofa designs instead of fenced on all sides of the box are equipped with a sliding pallet with low sides. Of course, the functionality of this option is lower than that of traditional samples, but there are fans who like this configuration.

When rationalizing free space in a dwelling, some owners prefer non-folding copies and products that have one or more drawn-out boxes. These samples, along with sofas that have a reclining seat are quite simple, small-sized, comfortable and have a low cost.

Various designs of sofas with a drawer

Today, the designs of the sofa, equipped with a box for laundry there are many. But the functionality of the product itself, its ergonomics, ease of use, and the capacity of the laundry compartment largely depend on the mechanism of transformation. Let's consider the most popular variants of embedding of a box in a sofa design, depending on the mechanism used to change its shape.

The classic sofa bed originally provided for the presence in the structure of the skeleton of a fairly spacious laundry department. However, installing this copy in a small bedroom requires extra space. In order to get to the storage compartment with stored things, it is required to raise the seat, while the backrest is folded back, for which a free space is required between it and the wall.

A pull-out sofa bed
The sofa-bed "accordion" is similar in appearance to the outer harmonica wick. In these designs, the laundry compartment can have a sufficiently large volume and is divided into several sections. The disadvantages of these models include the complexity of access to the storage of laundry and significant size in the unfolded state.

Advantages of rolled products

Despite the variety of different sofa options, the most popular products with roll-out linen box. At the same time, it is not important whether the sofa can be transformed into a bed or it is an ordinary place for sitting rest, and the laundry box is an independent functional element.

Advantages of various modifications of withdrawable models can be considered:

  •     Small overall dimensions with acceptable functionality.
  •     The system of transformation and extension of the box is quite simple and reliable in operation.
  •     Instances in which the seat is located above the laundry box allow you to use the latter even in the unfolded position.
  •     The possibility of using the laundry compartment is not only for cleaning bed linen for daytime, but also for seasonal storage of things when permanent access to the storage is not needed.
  •     Compactness and versatility make it possible to install them practically in any room, from the bedroom or the children's room to the glazed loggia.

The modern family area will make you happy, apart from looks fancy along with beautiful, how clean it is also easy. In order to use the Sofa With Storage Compartments, choose which has a contemporary impression, to enhance the design of your living room. The cardiovascular disease you see your family area, modern design will certainly increasingly have a lot of ideas, browse each of our gallery to find brand new ideas for the modern family area.
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