How To Choose an Italian Sofa

There is a wide variety model in the classical and modern styles of an Italian Sofa. In doing so, the elite category, which is represented by magnificent models performed in the style of palace classics, deserves special attention. Elite Italian Sofas are made of natural wood and adorned by a rich, elegant division. These are also different kinds of gold, and the threads of handmade work, as well as the inlay of wood from different species. In addition, you can find discreet and concise models that are functional and practical. Such sofas from Italy will complement any interior in a harmonious manner.
Some believe that it is better and more convenient to buy soft furniture from domestic production than to afford the Italian manufacturer. But not many people know that domestic producers of quality furniture use the same fabrics as imported furniture factories in their production.

Italian Modern Sofa

Diversity of Sofa

Unusual options, the most unimaginable forms, and sizes attract the attention of the buyer. Soft furniture can be performed in any geometric shape: square, rectangular, and even round and semi-circular.

Don't forget the classical sofas from Italy, which have a direct shape and can find a place in any corner of the room.

The corner sofa from Italy, without exaggeration, is the leader of sales on the furniture market worldwide. And this is the simplest explanation, Mr. Options are so universal that they can easily be written to any interior of a different style. For large, spacious spaces, many buyers choose to choose between different options. They will be relevant in guest rooms or in small office negotiating rooms. A U-shaped version with two corners gives you an excellent opportunity for buddies to see each other while you're in a conversation.
Half-round Italian options are most often purchased for a location in the center of a room or to have an effect on an existing bay similar form.


The size of the soft furniture produced in Italy is no different from that of other countries.

The options here are very tiny, two-man and huge, with comfortable five or even six people. The size of the sofa for its dwelling, the buyer determines on its own, based on the area of the room, the number of people living and other factors.

Style Italian Sofa

Modern Italian producers today offer the widest assortment of soft furniture, which is done in classical and modern styles. Unthinkable diversity allows you to pick the right model that will be the flavor of the interior for any taste and color.

The assortment of Italian furniture factories is so large that many are difficult and very long cannot be determined with the right choice.
Style of Modern Italian Sofa

Here are the options that many can imagine, that there is something in the nature of this: avant-garde and classical, couches in Czarsky, Palace style, with a lot of gold, with the presence of fringe and embroidery, spherical examples, comfortable sofa beds, chairs, similar to the Tsar's throne, and many other options.
The Italian sofas are a picture of the fancy and the simplicity of the lines at the same time. Closer finishes and forms complexity compete with minimalist variants of the same color, simple shapes, without any extra decorations or excesses.


Conditionally, all Italian furniture products can be divided into three parts, according to price policy: economy, average and prestigious elites.

If a sofa is purchased from the "economy" category, it does not indicate that these are not quality models that will not serve long. The Italians themselves acquire such furniture, for rooms that are not in sight: Guest bedrooms, maid's room, or wardrobe. The middle group includes furniture that is made of more expensive and quality fabrics and materials. You can order examples of a middle class or group by sketching, or by changing a preset to a similar, only different size, or shape, if you prefer. The sketches for high-end soft furniture are most designers from around the world. The materials for the production of such options are mandatory, strictest control, so the producers guarantee that their goods do not contain substances that are harmful to the person. The framework is used exclusively for wood, which has grown in ecologically pure forests. Skin for upholstery was manual, with all the necessary parameters.

One example of an interesting couch that belongs to an elite group is the model for small clients. It is a special or even a unique children's couch, which can be transformed into a baby bed or a double bed, for mother and child.

Pick Perfect Pieces

The number of choices are endless if you are buying luxury Italian pieces of sofa. Stun your friends and relatives by having an Italian mirrored coffee table or perhaps a crimson velvet couch you sink into. For indulgent nights, pick a quilted Italian headboard with gold accents and hand-carved details. Italian furniture often includes interesting touches which render it stick out, so try to find these intricacies when you are shopping, such as a curved settee or even an ornate dresser with filigree accents. One perfect piece makes an entire room sparkle, so search for statement pieces for instance a glass dinner table or shabby chic chairs with cut-outs and carved embellishments.
Luxury Italian Sofa

Additional Items

Many options, other than attractive appearances, have various additional elements that cannot be determined at the first glance.

These little things make soft furniture functional and attractive to buyers. Depending on the design features, some of the soft furniture options are either under the seat or on the side (if the model is angular) with a wide range of conduits for storing different things. It could be seasonal, temporarily unneeded things, blankets, pillows, or bed linen. Most often, access to them can be obtained by raising or raising the seat. For convenience, some models are equipped with a special gazopodemnym mechanism that not only makes the seating process easier but can also hold the seat in the elevated state for some time.

By considering the favorite example, buyers do not assume that it can store many secrets. For example, a corner Italian sofa may have a small table located in the corner between the sides, a table can often have a miniature mini bar or a storage system.
The mini bar may be in the most unexpected, interesting place in your arm. You can access it by pulling the front of the armrest through the metal guides. Some, very "tuned" models with a bar, can be fitted with even a little light.

Some models are sold with spare covers that you can use as you wish. Many use them to change the situation to a particular holiday, others to keep the original appearance of upholstery material, and to protect it from blemishes and dust.

If the cases are not sold in the kit, you can consider buying them separately. There are special euro-covers that will fit into almost all models. Not only can they preserve the padding, but they may also change the room's overall style. The spare covers can be carried out without any decorations but may have large Voldemorts, ribbons, beads, and a variety of tourniquets.

A large number of models are manufactured specifically for export, as the demand for Italian leather furniture is very high around the world.

For the production and manufacture of skin, the most common use is the modern methods and tools that preserve the unique texture of the skin, its natural brilliance, and its beauty.
For some models, typically those belonging to an elite group, cattle grow up specially, feed certain fodder, under certain conditions.

To increase the lifetime of the leather models, they are processed by special means, which have the ability to push various spots and exclude the appearance of flat and cracks.

Today, modern techniques and technologies help to create a variety of colors and shades of skin. So, don't be surprised when you see in the salon, the leather examples of green, blue, yellow, or even orange colors are the credit for chemical progress. And because the upholstery of leather is solid and durable, and in a firm with a solid frame, such soft furniture will serve for years, not even for centuries.

Constructive features

Italian Sofa Designs Photos

The real Italian soft furniture is not only beautiful and stylish, it's also convenient.
Very often, this is also an enormous engineering design that is designed specifically to deliver maximum comfort. -Italian sofa in one movement of the hand, you can turn it into a comfortable bed without any effort. To this end, the producers are equipping them with solid, reliable but also very easy to use transformation systems. The most common of these are the "clique-clack" mechanisms , its improved model and the transport of the transformation system, where the sleeping room is moving forward and in front of the soft furniture.

A sofa bed from Italy is a beautiful alternative to a conventional bed, the difference is that the first one occupies less space, in view of its compactness.

In addition to flat options, there are also non-existent systems that do not have a decomposition system. Such models are most often acquired for guest rooms, kitchens, offices and office space. When selected, note the large size models, their dimensions are equal to the single bed, so you can use the model as a sleep location if necessary.
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