How To Choose an Orthopedic Sofa

It often happens that when a man wakes up, he doesn't feel like he's resting and is on the night of the force for the next active Labor Day. Not everyone has the opportunity to rest in a good, fully fledged bed, as a strong dream is known-a guarantee of health and good spirits. An excellent alternative to the bed is to purchase the orthopedic sofa of the consignment. However, in statistics, the pocket sofas are more popular than the discharges. When you buy it, you get two in one-a convenient place for guests and evening meals, and a place for wholesome recreation, which is built on all the rules of healthy sleep.
Best Orthopedic Sofa Bed

You have a difficult task: to purchase a desired acquisition with a price and quality ratio. It should not only be a beautiful purchase, but also a practical, comfortable home object.


Before you select a model and a sofa shape, you better define its design. If you choose a model for the living room, to meet friends and family, plan to use it for sleeping in some cases, it is important to note the seat stiffness. You have to choose a more elastic seat.

If you want to buy a transformer sofa that will fit your daily sleep, there are many factors to consider.


Sofas have a variety of models and shapes. Now we produce angular, straight, even circular modifications, Mr. U-shaped. There are options that are not disposed of, and more often, ortho sofas are found. If your room has an empty angle, the right way to do it with the ortho-angle sofa. He can decorate your interior, making it bright and unforgettable.


When choosing new furniture, pay attention to the manufacturer. Unfortunately, the quality of furniture produced abroad does not involve intensive use.

Ortho Bed, Special features

Well organized sleeping place is the key to healthy sleep and good feeling.
The orthopedic mattress, reshapes the body of the lying man, evenly distributes the load on the spine, relaxing the back muscles. When choosing the orthopedics of the sofa, keep in mind that the bed is too soft to provoke spinal disease, hard-breaking the circulatory operation. We need to pick a mattress, considering the number of people who will rest on it with their weight and height.

Transformation mechanisms

Sofa Transformer With Orthopedic Mattress

Furniture production uses a myriad of transformation mechanisms, all of which should be studied and chosen by the one that satisfies you.

The "American cot" mechanism has a thick mattress that needs to be stretched and put on metal legs for decomposition. A reliable and modern mechanism, a great option for daily sleep.
The French cot is a scrolling principle (the thin mattress collapses into three stages). Not suitable for continuous use in a decompositional manner.
With ease of use, the "accordion" decay system is popular. The seat has to be raised to a certain click, then the sleeping room, the folded fold, hence the origin of the name.

"Evroknizhka" are two mechanisms connected in one. The sofa is moving forward, and the back fits into the vacated space. One of the most enduring mechanisms is the decomposition of a full-fledged dvuhspal' sofa bed with an orthopedic mattress. Used for angular variations.


Buying a sofa It's important to pay attention to its frame and mattress bases if they are made of a natural tree, you need to look carefully so that the tree is dried and processed well so that there are no tarts and cracks.


All the ortho sofas are divided into two categories: Spring and no spring. Let's look at the spring. They are in turn divided into mattresses with a bonnel spring block, and the principle is to biconical the springs associated with the series. The second type is an independent spring block where each spring is packed in a separate case. Mattresses based on "bonnel" inexpensive and, unfortunately, not durable.

A mattress for the orthopedic sofa has a multi-layer structure: a base, a spring block or a filler, and a rigid coating on the top. The types of fillers vary from low-cost batting and foam to latex, which is used for elite species.

A spring mattress consists of monolithic or set blocks, a base of natural or man-made fillers, so you will never hear your bedroom, they don't spring or create a wave effect.
The price of the mattress and the shelf life most often depend on the type and quality of the filler.

Weight and mattress

When you buy a consignment sofa, you should consider the weight of the people you purchase. If the sofa is to be purchased for the child, read the article: How do I choose a children's sofa with an orthopedic mattress? For consumers weighing up to 60 kg, it is necessary to select the most soft mattress, for a person with a weight of more than 90 kg, the option with the most stiffness is recommended.

Upholstery Sofa

In the meantime, the upholstery can be of a variety of quality and colour. A modern producer uses the most unexpected colors and tissues in production. There are interesting combinations when you combine multiple materials and colors. Remember, by choosing the quality padding, you can be calm, that she can withstand the stain and the dry cleaners.
Orthopedic Sofa With Upholstery

Consider the options for the replacement furniture, a very convenient and practical option that allows you to change the mood of the room as desired.
In a store or furniture shop, you need to fold and destack the model on a number of occasions before the purchase is made. It may be that a fragile species of sofa will be so heavy that, for example, a child alone will be hard to cope with. Have a seat, and better get on some of the models you choose, and that's how you get it.

The right way to choose the orthopedic sofa, to consider all the pros and cons, to take into account all the nuances. Keep in mind that uncomfortable sleeping places can cause sleepless nights.

What you need to provide before you buy an ortho sofa:

  1. Define the model and shape.
  2. How often the decomposition mechanism will be used.
  3. Select the transformation engine.
  4. Select a mattress based on the weight and number of people.
  5. To be determined with padding and fillings.
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