Taking Care of Eco Leather Sofa Upholstery

Taking Care Eco Leather Upholstery Sofa

Eco Leather Sofa Upholstery requires not only special care, but also technological cutting of patterns - it is not dimensionless and has a different thickness. Among artificial substitutes for noble natural material, alcantara is the most popular, and it is more like a fabric, and eco-leather, which has preserved all the consumer characteristics of a natural analogue.

Manufacturing Technology

Eco Leather Sofa Review


Artificial material "ekoKozha" is known for its practicality, as a furniture upholstery, and high-quality surface, which is visually difficult to distinguish from natural material. The same porous texture and silky to the touch base, and the same elasticity with high strength.
    It is also used for fashion products in the light industry.
What is Eco Leather Sofa
It is a durable analogue of the skin, but its products are much cheaper. Also, when different color variations are obtained, only high-quality persistent dyes are added to the raw material base, which do not harm the health.

Ecological skin is made by applying to the fabric basis a special porous polyurethane film that does not have toxic emissions into the environment - hence the name. Since this artificial material is not harmful to allergy sufferers, it is classified as an ecological upholstery. According to the technology, the polyurethane layer is laid on a cotton base, which allows the material to "breathe" and maintain its elasticity. And its micropores easily pass air and absorb moisture when in contact with the body, so it resembles a natural skin more than artificial materials.

Main characteristics

Due to the similarity with natural materials, Corner Sofas made of eco-leather are often confused with the skin, so they do not pay attention to these products in furniture stores because of the likely high cost. On the other hand, supporters of leather furniture are happy to purchase elegant products at an affordable price, and then are disappointed to learn that this is not leather.

It is not necessary to guess, a natural leather at a sofa model or artificial, as it is often visually difficult to define. Eco-leather is also different from other leatherette that repeats the porous skin pattern, but without flaws and variants according to the mesh pattern. Ecofriendly:

    Warm and pleasant touch.

These advantages make this material the most in demand with a number of artificial skin analogs. However, do not deliberately test it for strength, cutting with a knife or scissors. Through the incision the fibers of the cotton base will be visible, which will affect the appearance of the sofa. These holes can not then be brought into the original form, and you will have to change the upholstery on the entire back or seat. But the sofa from eco-leather - reviews confirm the resistance to temperature changes, which makes these products indispensable in suburban homes, where heating is not always turned on in winter. Upholstery does not "dubeet" and does not collect condensate. And the elasticity of the material makes it possible to maintain the original shape of the product for a long period.

Eco Leather Cleaning

Features of care

Cuts on eco-skin are restored from the wrong side, gluing the base, but it is important to maximally combine the torn edges of the seam. Care for eco-leather sofa is very simple:

  • The dusty surface can be wiped with a fluffy towel;
  • Dirt can easily be removed with a damp sponge;
  • Stains are washed off with a soap solution or a specialized stain remover for artificial skin;
  • Strong contaminants are removed with a solution of ammonia with the addition of glycerin or diluted vodka;
  • White eco-skin is washed with warm milk and wiped dry;
  • You can not iron and heat.
It is not recommended to clean out dry spots without softening, scrape and scratch - this will damage the structure of the upholstery of the sofa.
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