How To Choose Upholstery Fabric For Sofa

Upholstery Fabric For Sofa

How to choose the fabric for the sofa? According to polls, 85% of buyers choosing a sofa, first of all pay attention to color and upholstery. And only then consider other functions of upholstered furniture. Modern sofa fashion is so far gone in the range and quality of upholstery fabrics that can satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customer.

Choose an upholstery fabric for your new sofa you need to carefully, thinking over all the details and nuances. The quality and type of upholstery depends on which room the sofa will be in, whether there are small children or pets in the house, how often do you get noisy gatherings and parties?
Conditionally, all upholstery fabric sofas are divided into the following types:

  •     Textile: tapestry, jacquard, shinil, velor,
  •     Natural materials: natural leather, fur.
  •     Non-woven: flock, apretech.

Genuine Leather

Sofa made of genuine leather have a chic presentable appearance and a correspondingly high price. Leather - the representatives of the elite furniture fashion. In such models, the rear wall is covered with the same material as the face. Such models are purchased, as a rule, for large living rooms in the classical style or successful offices. Does not require special care.


Eco Friendly Leather Sofa
Sofas from eco-leather can not be distinguished from leather so they are elegant and effective, they can decorate any interior with their appearance. Eco leather is an excellent wear-resistant material, consisting of cotton, artificial materials based on cellulose, polymer.

For the manufacture of eco-leather, a polyurethane film is applied to the cotton substrate. The basis of cotton several times increases the strength of the product, preventing it from stretching and tearing. In the process of exploitation harmful substances are not allocated, therefore this material is considered environmentally friendly.


Sofa From Flock
Often used for upholstery furniture and are in demand flock upholstery. Fabric manufactured in a non-woven manner, the basis is cotton and polyester. High-quality, wear-resistant, fireproof, non-allergenic. In addition, it is pleasant to the touch, it resembles velvet.

Not susceptible to scratching, is an excellent option for pet owners, so it belongs to the category of "anti-vandal" fabrics. The lining material is easily cleaned with a soft cloth soaked in soapy water. Suitable for use in children's rooms, living rooms.


In the right can be called a luxurious upholstery fabric. A variety of patterns, attracts looks and makes it possible to make the room chic and unforgettable ..

The threads of the material are tightly intertwined with each other, therefore it is distinguished by its strength and durability. It is used for the production of models in the classical style. Upholstery fabric can not be cleaned in a damp way, only dry cleaning is suitable for jacquard.

Chenille Jacquard Sofa Fabric


Upholstery made of Chenille is a pleasant to the touch and dense and expensive fabric. The color range of the material is quite diverse, the patterns are bright and contrasting. The structure makes it resistant to contamination and damage.

It is made of synthetics, which does not cause allergies. On the surface there are no unpleasant looking pellets. Very nice and effective looks in combination with jacquard and tapestry fabrics. Additional care is not required, only cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or brush. 


Tapestry upholstery looks expensive and luxurious, differs in density. The advantage is the naturalness of the material, the content of cotton from 40-100%. Unfortunately, it burns out quickly enough in the sun, so it is recommended to place a sofa with tapestry upholstery away from windows.

A comfortable and cozy environment can be created in the room, using a velvet upholstery fabric.
It is pleasant to the touch, does not stretch, it perfectly passes air. Due to the complexity of weaving threads that are intertwined with the warp threads several times, it is practical and wear-resistant. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for the kitchen and the children's room, as it is hard to clean, and some spots can not be taken out and not at all possible.  


It is impossible to avoid and not mention the most durable fabric - Teflon. A material that does not tear and does not tear, and any stain or dirt can be cleaned with a sponge. If Teflon is expensive and inaccessible, the alternative can be Teflon impregnation, protects the upholstery from dirt, and can be easily cleaned if necessary.

Upholstery color

Choosing a color scheme you need to try to make the sofa harmoniously fit into the style and furnishing of the room. The color of upholstered furniture should be combined with the color of the room to create a single picture. It will look great if the pattern on the upholstery of the sofa matches the pattern on the curtains. On the dark upholstery, the left spots are less noticeable than on a light background.

If you liked a light fabric upholstery for a sofa, you need to be ready for the fact that it will have to be periodically cleaned. Excellent option, the availability of removable covers for upholstered furniture. At any time, you can replace the upholstery for washing or simply change the situation in the room.

What kind of fabric is better for a sofa in a nursery? For children it is desirable to choose upholstery consisting of natural fibers, easy to clean and unpretentious in care.

Best Children's Mini Sofa 
Children's mini sofasFor the living room will be successful versions of synthetic fabric, they are wear-resistant and unpretentious in care, designed for loads that are expected in a room where the whole family lives for days.

For the kitchen options are suitable from leatherette or materials impregnated with Teflon. In a furniture salon or a shop, you need to carefully inspect the upholstery fabric, the quality of the seams and the quality of the number of staples that were shot. It is necessary to sit down on the liked variant, to probe properly, only so it is possible to understand - there is a sofa for the family or not!
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