How To Choose The Right Corner Sofa

How To Choose Corner Sofa
Many of us once may have a problem how to choose a corner sofa. This is an indispensable element of any living room, from what it will be, it depends on our mood, the feeling of comfort and the general atmosphere of the guest room. The problem is not only in the choice of model and material, often even the form plays a role, it changes the image of the room.
In the beginning, you need to decide on the model, they are: straight, semi-circular, angled. If the room you want to furnish is empty, the corner sofa is made up for you. Having successfully located it, you can get an extra bed, it's great to save space in a small apartment, or simply decorate the interior in an unusual way.

Dimensions and parameters

Before you go to the store to buy, you need to decide on the size. The standard dimensions of the corner are 230 - 280 cm. The length, width - from 150 to 180 cm, is quite normal even for small rooms, where the corner will be assigned the main role. There are angular views of a sofa of a larger and smaller size, here everyone chooses for themselves.

Variety of models

The modern market is rich and diverse: symmetric, asymmetrical, L-shaped, U-shaped, right-hand, left-side variants. A universal corner example can be assembled on both sides, it is convenient if necessary to rearrange the furniture in another corner. Note - some species do not rebuild to another angle.
Corner Sofa With a Girl

Recently there are examples in the form of complex figures, which are usually located in the bay windows.
According to the type of construction, monolithic models are distinguished, where the angle and the main part are attached to each other, the transformers transforming the bed into bed using folding mechanisms.

Often there are modular species, with the arrangement of which there is the possibility to fantasize, making them every time in a new way, if necessary even in different directions of the room.

One of the most common, inexpensive types of decomposition is the mechanism "Euro-book", it is durable and reliable. For decomposition, it is necessary to roll out the seat forward and lower the backrest in a horizontal position, obtaining a flat sleeping surface. Additional convenience is that the model can be put close to the wall, releasing a precious place. Carefully inspect the wheels with which the sliding part is equipped, it is important that they are rubber and leave no traces on the floor covering. If you become obsolete this mechanism, get acquainted with the article: Sofa Buying Guide.
Corner Sofa Dolphin

If you choose soft furniture for evening gatherings, do not plan to sleep on it every day, you can consider the decomposition system "French clamshell." In order to more convenient to expand it, you need to pull the strap or handle up, the top section and the whole mechanism will straighten out, and the already deployed seat becomes on the legs.

The mechanism of transformation is "rotary", with its help a decent double bed is created. To unfold the sofa it is enough to turn the swivel seat 90 degrees to the side.

Child's Corner Sofa

Corner sofas for children are characterized by a small length and brightness of the upholstery fabric, form. The forms amaze with their diversity, originality. There are interesting examples in the form of toys, ships, cars and houses. It is important to provide for an orthopedic mattress. How to choose a corner sofa with an orthopedic mattress, will help to understand the article: how to choose an orthopedic sofa.
Child's Corner Sofa

Angular variant for a children's room is a great way to save space. There are options, with a corner shelf, where the baby can successfully place their toys.
It is worth considering that soft furniture for children should be strong, reliable, because she will be subjected to huge loads, in the form of jumping and spoiling kids.

Corner Sofa for kitchen

In order to save precious space in the kitchen, the housewives often resort to the help of the kitchen corner, which is characterized by extra rigidity and practical upholstery, compact in size. If the area allows, you can purchase a folding corner to have an extra bed. There are small, compact species that do not move apart.
Corner Sofa Kitchen

Office variant

Often there is a corner version of upholstered furniture in offices. They differ from the "home" models by the style of performance, strict, straight lines and upholstery material (most often from a skin substitute). In size - diverse, the seat is designed for daily workloads.

Frame and filling

When buying, pay attention to the frame of the product, it is desirable that it was made of natural dried wood and properly processed, the joints are carefully glued, without nails and screws.
Flawlessly smooth, well-treated wooden carcass surfaces are a sign of good quality.
Fillers are responsible for shape, softness and comfort, the main quality of which is elasticity. Now popular are polyurethane foam, sintepon, holofayber or spring blocks. If you plan to use the sofa constantly, it is desirable that there are springs, which reduce the burden on the spine. To understand what are popular and practical spring blocks, we recommend reading the article: corner sofas with a spring block.

Types of upholstery

First of all, when choosing a soft friend, the buyer pays attention to the appearance and upholstery. Modern materials are different and diverse.

The upholstery market impresses with its abundance, the quality determines how long your upholstered furniture will retain a decent appearance. For children, it is desirable to choose natural fabrics, soft, pleasant to the touch. For the kitchen, the upholstery with Teflon coating is suitable, it is strong enough and easy to clean. In the living room will suit jacquard fabric, which will give furniture a refined style and chic, long does not fade and retains its appearance. Tapestry, practical and wear-resistant.

Flock fabrics are covered with soft pile and require additional care.
If it is planned that the corner will not stand against the wall, but will serve as a separation of zones, it is not necessary to ignore the rear wall of the model, it must also be covered with a quality cloth.

Elite and the most expensive upholstery is genuine leather. The true way of successful acquisition, with upholstery from the skin - is to carefully study the quality of painting and leather manufacturing, so that in the future it does not crack and not rub off. Take into account, if you plan to lay out a bed for the night, the bed linen will constantly slide and roll down.

Optional Accessories

Some corner models contain a spacious laundry box or a small box, where it is convenient to store sofa bedding or seasonal items. When buying carefully check that the walls that are made of plywood have been well processed, not scratched and did not cling to the laundry. Solves the problem of storing bed linen, often the boxes are covered with a cloth. There are views with a built-in bar with shelves for drinks and lighting, folding coffee tables, shelves for books and photos.

Make variants with large armrests, the upper part is attached to canopies, rises, you can store small items in them. Think about all the small things before making a choice, according to polls, soft furniture is bought on average every 6 to 12 years - this is not a small period during which you watch this interior every day, so pay attention to the choice and acquisition.

In the process of buying in the store, ask the seller for documents and certificates to make sure that you have a quality environmentally friendly product manufactured according to rules and technologies. The warranty period of use is usually from 2 to 15 years.

Before buying, be sure to test, sit on the sofa leaning on the back (do not hesitate, some sellers themselves offer it), if not comfortable try another option. Be sure to try the decomposition mechanism yourself, perhaps using it will not be as easy as it seems at first sight.
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